Teis Schnipper, Ph.d.
Engineering Consultant
Svend Ole Hansen ApS

Here is my short cv.

Private email: teis *at* schnips.dk

About this webpage

This page contains some of the results that I obtained as part of my time as a MSc student, PhD student and Post doc at the Technical University of Denmark. It will be updated once in a while with interesting results and some pedagogical videos showing various aspects of unsteady fluid dynamics.


As of march 1st I am employed in Svend Ole Hansen ApS, where I will be working with vibrations in various engineering structures, internal flows and computational fluid dynamics.

Check out the front cover of the 2nd edition of Benny Lautrup's book on continuum physics.
The cover picture was taken by me and Jun Zhang.

...and recently my Japanese-fan picture made it to the front cover of Kvant.

Read more in the research section.


Last revision September 16th 2012.